New Doggy Watch team member

Happy Friday !

Today, I am continuing with my illustration with another different dog character. Labrador Retrievers are the most loved breeds around the world. They are a very intelligent breed. The Labrador is a friendly dog and is very popular as a family dog.

Labrador Retriever was created in Newfoundland by the fisherman to bring home their nets from the icy waters of the Labrador Sea. The fisherman wanted to create a dog that loved the water and would easily wade in and out of it. Since the name Newfoundland was already taken, the name Labrador was given to them after the sea in which they worked. Apparently, it was from Canada that these adorable and versatile breeds were brought to England in 1903. 

The Labrador love water and can be in the water for hours. Their oily coat helps to repel water. Fascinated by these unique aspects, I thought about creating a dog character which is a life bodyguard. Meet Wolfy, a new recruit with the Doggy Watch team ready to help any human that is in trouble in the sea. As usual, I use my favourite mediums for this illustration : coloured inks, graphic and marker pens. Hope you guys like it.

Published by talesofmydrawings

When I am not illustrating, I will be in the Art Gallery looking for inspiration. I also volunteer at the National Gallery of Ireland. I also enjoy cooking as well as good delicious foods and wine. I do love good long nature walks.

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