Drooly the Sleepy Dog

Happy Tuesday ! Today, I am continuing with another dog character. For today’s illustration, I am choosing Basset Hound as my subject matter, a very old breed and is believed to be the direct descendant the Bloodhound and has still retained that nose and ears. Apparently, the name was inspired from the French word Bas meaning low and hound is from its ancestors.This name was given especially because of its shape and size. You probably are aware of the brand Hush Puppies. The Basset Hound are their famous trademark.

I am fascinated by the historical facts that the Basset Hound became more popular during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III . The Emperor had bronze sculptures of his beloved Bassets made and exhibited at the Paris Salon. The Bassets were bred in a controlled way in France in the year 1870 . They were imported to England where at the end of the 19th century, the first breed standard was made.

In making the character for my illustration, I am particularly drawn towards the distinctive characteristic of a Basset Hound. They have this sleepy and lazy appearance. Their soulful droopy eyes and long ears make them one of the most loved breeds in the world.  My illustration character is Drooly, a dog that is always sleepy. Drooly is a bit lazy and loves to sleep. When Drooly sleeps he drools a lot. Sometimes, enough to fill an entire swimming pool !! One time, Drooly’s slimy drools soaked his human’s favourite jumper. His human has had enough and sent him to Doggo Academy, a place where all misbehaved dogs are sent to for a proper etiquette dog training. One afternoon, Drooly is in the library reading a book about how to become a better dog. As usual, Drooly feels very sleepy and he can’t stay awake. Drooly then falls asleep and starts drooling away in the most drooooliest and grociest way… For this illustration, I decided to use inks as a medium. Hope you guys love this. I would love to hear your comment and do subscribe! Until next time, Adieu!

Published by talesofmydrawings

When I am not illustrating, I will be in the Art Gallery looking for inspiration. I also volunteer at the National Gallery of Ireland. I also enjoy cooking as well as good delicious foods and wine. I do love good long nature walks.

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