Fighting Words Online Story Writing Workshop

Is it Friday already ? Hello my dear readers. Today I got to illustrate another story created by 6th class students from Brigid’s GNS, Glasnevin in Dublin. As usual, we did everything through online Zoom workshop format. I really enjoyed illustrating their story. Today, in this particular story, we have Paddy , a very lonelyContinue reading “Fighting Words Online Story Writing Workshop”

Fancy Poote.. is not your ordinary Pig.

Meet Fancy Poote. He is an arty pig who loves fashion and art. He loves the extraordinary and his fashion sense is a combination of art and extravagance. Most of the pigs in Oink Farm find him weird and funny. They always make fun of him and tell him to stop being silly and startContinue reading “Fancy Poote.. is not your ordinary Pig.”

Picture Book Project 2021

Gurdy & Marmy travel together.. Happy Wednesday ! Continuing with the development of my picture book, today I tried to experiment using several combinations of mix media. For this particular illustration, Gurdy & Marmy is seen together heading into the forest. I thought about creating a vivid texture for the trees. In order to createContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

The most horrible cat..

It is very tempting to tell you a story about the most cute kitten that is very adorable, or the best cat that always lick and kiss their human. Well, unfortunately, this is not a story about a perfect and beautiful cat. This is a story about Sean, the naughtiest, baddest, worst, disgusting, evil CATContinue reading “The most horrible cat..”

Picture Book Project 2021

Developing characters : Gurdy & Marmy’s turnaround sketch Continuing to develop my characters, today, I am working on turnaround sketches for Gurdy and Marmy. I tried to illustrate different poses and views. This will probably will be my character references when I am doing the story board. The project continues…

Magic Moo, the Magical Fairy Cow

Magic Moo is not an ordinary boring old cow that you could find in the field eating boring grass. Oh NO my dear .. Magic Moo is not just a cow but a Fairy Cow that has magical powers! She has magical wings that could allow her to fly across the fields where she canContinue reading “Magic Moo, the Magical Fairy Cow”

Online Story Writing Workshop with Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown Libraries

Happy Saturday! This morning I had the opportunity to be part of the Online Story Writing Workshop with Fighting Words Wicklow. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some brilliant young authors aged 7 to 9 years old. It was a fun and engaging morning. I am so pleased to be able to illustrate theirContinue reading “Online Story Writing Workshop with Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown Libraries”

Picture Book Project 2021

Meet Marmy, Gurdy’s best friend! For this picture book project, I have also concluded on Gurdy’s best friend which is Marmy. This is the final draft of the character. Marmy is a Marmot who lives in the Alps mountain. Marmy is round, furry and fat.He loves eating and his favourite food is cakes, lots ofContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Hello ! My name is Gurdy Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce the main character of my story, Gurdy, a bear cub who is lonely and misses his friend. After several doodles and sketches, I have decided that this will be my final draft illustration for my main character of my story. Here,Continue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

How could you not love chocolate buns

Yes ! chocolate buns with mini chocolate egg on top is enough for me to make this cute little note card. The story is that we received some lovely homemade chocolate buns. It is very yummy and delicious indeed. The extra mini chocolate eggs on top of the moist chocolate covered bun is such aContinue reading “How could you not love chocolate buns”