Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop

If anyone could come up with a character such as The General Metal Chicken, it should be from some wonderful young authors from 2nd Class, St. Colmchille’s JNS Knocklyon. Today, was another fantastic session and it was so much fun illustrating the story that these kids came up with. I also love the General Metal Chicken’s sidekick assistant which is George the Lip Balm. There is so much drama and actions. Who could have thought that it all started when General Metal Chicken and George decided to rob a bank after escaping from the FBI . Read their fantastic story at

Published by talesofmydrawings

When I am not illustrating, I will be in the Art Gallery looking for inspiration. I also volunteer at the National Gallery of Ireland. I also enjoy cooking as well as good delicious foods and wine. I do love good long nature walks.

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