Now who ordered the Salad ?

Guten Tag! It is another wet and cold day. Continuing with my next animal character, I decided to come up with a character for a horse. After a few brainstorming and doodles, here is my illustration for today. Meet Kelly. Kelly is a waitress at Nelly Farm Diner restaurant which serves Vegan meals to allContinue reading “Now who ordered the Salad ?”

Ms Fluer the Detective Poodle

Here is to the 1st of February ! I can’t believe how quick January has passed. Another dog character that I have in mind is the Poodle. For today’s post, I am illustrating a Poodle character. There are a lot of people who believe that this breed originated in Paris but contrary to many beliefs,Continue reading “Ms Fluer the Detective Poodle”

Chihuahua.. a toy or is it a dog?

Continuing again with my dog character illustration is the Chihuahua. They are the world’s smallest breed dog. They can easily be passed as a child’s toy because of their compact size! Chihuahua loves to be cuddled and always thrive human companionship. They are mostly considered to be close to one person and will be veryContinue reading “Chihuahua.. a toy or is it a dog?”

Lovable Dalmatian!

Happy Wednesday ! For today’s illustration, I am going to continue with another dog character. Today is all about Dalmatian. How could you not love this lovely large sized white dogs? Dalmatians gets its name from the place where the first illustrations were found. Dalmatia was situated on the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea (modernContinue reading “Lovable Dalmatian!”

Drooly the Sleepy Dog

Happy Tuesday ! Today, I am continuing with another dog character. For today’s illustration, I am choosing Basset Hound as my subject matter, a very old breed and is believed to be the direct descendant the Bloodhound and has still retained that nose and ears. Apparently, the name was inspired from the French word BasContinue reading “Drooly the Sleepy Dog”

Online Story-Writing Workshop

This Monday morning, I’ve had the opportunity to illustrate a brilliant story created by students from St. Brigid’s GNS, 6th class for the Fighting Words online story-writing workshop. I’ve had an amazing time drawing the characters of their stories. It is a story about two friends, Cornelius the Space Pig and Jeff, the Space ChickenContinue reading “Online Story-Writing Workshop”

New Doggy Watch team member

Happy Friday ! Today, I am continuing with my illustration with another different dog character. Labrador Retrievers are the most loved breeds around the world. They are a very intelligent breed. The Labrador is a friendly dog and is very popular as a family dog. Labrador Retriever was created in Newfoundland by the fisherman toContinue reading “New Doggy Watch team member”

Doggy World – Animal characters illustration

Hello all! Wishing you a good Wednesday on this wet and cold afternoon. For today’s blog post, I am continuing with animal characters illustration. The next animal character that I will be working on is dogs. For the next several posts, I will be working on creating various different characters of dogs from different breeds.Continue reading “Doggy World – Animal characters illustration”

Online Story-writing workshop

Frishabacado Happy Monday ! What do you get if you combine several creatures such as a Lizard, Duck, bird and giraffe ? FRISHABACADO ! This is a brilliant character for a story created by students from St. Roses Special School in 6th Class for this morning Zoom online workshop. I’ve had fun illustrating this character.Continue reading “Online Story-writing workshop”

Help !! It’s a bear!!

Happy Friday ! For today’s bear character illustration, I decided to do a scene where a very hungry bear is trying to catch his favourite fish, salmon. Here we have a scene where Gurdy the bear is about to eat Pinky the Salmon. I want the illustration to be dramatic but fun at the sameContinue reading “Help !! It’s a bear!!”