Mr & Mrs Fuzzy Honey Bear

Happy Thursday! For today’s illustration, I would like to try to add a little bit of personality with my bear characters in order to make them more human like. Meet Mr and Mrs Fuzzy Honey Bear. They lived in Growly Butt Farm, a farm in County Kildare, Ireland. Mr Fuzzy Bear is a Beekeeper andContinue reading “Mr & Mrs Fuzzy Honey Bear”

Another day.. another bear

Following my previous post about illustrating animal characters, here is another bear character that I have illustrated earlier today. I want to show the facial expression and the idea that this bear character is baffled by something. For this illustration, I used coloured inks and graphic pens.

Story Writing Workshop for 2021

The Adventures of Dodo the Ballerina Pig This morning I’ve had the opportunity illustrating a story created by a few students from Stanhope Street Primary School via Zoom. This is the first Fighting Words story-writing workshop for this year. I love the story and the characters created. Read their story about Dodo, a Ballerina pigContinue reading “Story Writing Workshop for 2021”

Animal characters illustration

Bear with me.. Happy Tuesday ! One of my aim for this year is to work on characters for my illustration. For this couple of weeks I am focusing on several animals to practice on. For the first task, I have chosen bear as my subject for my illustration. Today, I am illustrating two differentContinue reading “Animal characters illustration”