Picture Book Project 2021

Gurdy & Marmy travel together.. Happy Wednesday ! Continuing with the development of my picture book, today I tried to experiment using several combinations of mix media. For this particular illustration, Gurdy & Marmy is seen together heading into the forest. I thought about creating a vivid texture for the trees. In order to createContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Developing characters : Gurdy & Marmy’s turnaround sketch Continuing to develop my characters, today, I am working on turnaround sketches for Gurdy and Marmy. I tried to illustrate different poses and views. This will probably will be my character references when I am doing the story board. The project continues…

Picture Book Project 2021

Hello ! My name is Gurdy Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce the main character of my story, Gurdy, a bear cub who is lonely and misses his friend. After several doodles and sketches, I have decided that this will be my final draft illustration for my main character of my story. Here,Continue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Character development – Gurdy the bear cub Hello everyone! It is Monday and very cold indeed. Today, I am continuing to develop Gurdy, a bear cub which is the main character for my story. Gurdy is a bear cub who lives in the Alps. He is cute, furry, friendly but also lonely. His greatest fearContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Picture book Project 2021

Developing my characters further. Hello again ! Yesterday I started to think about my character for the story which is a bear cub. Today, I tried to brainstorm with different kind of rough illustrations in order to develop and shape the character. I know that the setting of the story will be in the mountainContinue reading “Picture book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! One of the project that I am hoping to start this year is a picture book. I am hoping to write, illustrate and publish this book. The idea has always been in my mind for a long time and I decided that this will be a project that I will workContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Help !! It’s a bear!!

Happy Friday ! For today’s bear character illustration, I decided to do a scene where a very hungry bear is trying to catch his favourite fish, salmon. Here we have a scene where Gurdy the bear is about to eat Pinky the Salmon. I want the illustration to be dramatic but fun at the sameContinue reading “Help !! It’s a bear!!”

Mr & Mrs Fuzzy Honey Bear

Happy Thursday! For today’s illustration, I would like to try to add a little bit of personality with my bear characters in order to make them more human like. Meet Mr and Mrs Fuzzy Honey Bear. They lived in Growly Butt Farm, a farm in County Kildare, Ireland. Mr Fuzzy Bear is a Beekeeper andContinue reading “Mr & Mrs Fuzzy Honey Bear”

Another day.. another bear

Following my previous post about illustrating animal characters, here is another bear character that I have illustrated earlier today. I want to show the facial expression and the idea that this bear character is baffled by something. For this illustration, I used coloured inks and graphic pens.

Animal characters illustration

Bear with me.. Happy Tuesday ! One of my aim for this year is to work on characters for my illustration. For this couple of weeks I am focusing on several animals to practice on. For the first task, I have chosen bear as my subject for my illustration. Today, I am illustrating two differentContinue reading “Animal characters illustration”