Illustrating an evil character- Story Seeds Project with Fighting Words

Continuing with the previous story of Super Jack, the next chapter of the story was created by primary school kids from O’Connell’s National School, North Circular Road. The story is set around their school and surrounding areas. What excites me when illustrating this story is when they brought in another character which is an evilContinue reading “Illustrating an evil character- Story Seeds Project with Fighting Words”

Illustrating a Superhero fantasy character for a story.

Hello readers! It is April and hope that you’ve enjoyed the Easter break. This is another project that I am currently working with Fighting Words, a collaboration of collected stories by local schools in the North Inner Dublin city. The stories will also reflect on a interesting focal point of the area. This particular storyContinue reading “Illustrating a Superhero fantasy character for a story.”

What lives in your Imagination? Fighting Words Animal Story Project

The Lucky Snake .. Here is another story created by a kid aged 7 that I’ve had the pleasure to illustrate in one of the Fighting Words Project. It is a story about a lucky snake who managed to escaped death and several attempts being eaten alive by other predators. There are lots of scaryContinue reading “What lives in your Imagination? Fighting Words Animal Story Project”

Fighting Words Social Memoir Project with Croke Park & the GAA Museum

This is another project that I’ve had the pleasure to work on. It is a social memoir project with Croke Park and the GAA Museum. It is a collection of stories from the local community and one of this story is written by students from 5th & 6th classes of St. Columba’s National School. IContinue reading “Fighting Words Social Memoir Project with Croke Park & the GAA Museum”

What lives in Your Imagination? Fighting Words Animal Stories Project

Good afternoon my dear readers, I am excited to share you the recent project that I am helping for Fighting Words. They have been looking for stories about animals created by our wonderful young authors. I am thrilled when I received the story for me to illustrate. This kid has created an animal character aboutContinue reading “What lives in Your Imagination? Fighting Words Animal Stories Project”

Günter the Dachshund

Hello readers, Is it March already ? It is springtime and today I came up with another dog character. I want you to meet a new friend of mine, the most peculiar, Günter the Dachshund sausage dog. Günter lives in Berlin. Günter is also a wise and deep thinker. He is always seen in theContinue reading “Günter the Dachshund”

Fancy Poote.. is not your ordinary Pig.

Meet Fancy Poote. He is an arty pig who loves fashion and art. He loves the extraordinary and his fashion sense is a combination of art and extravagance. Most of the pigs in Oink Farm find him weird and funny. They always make fun of him and tell him to stop being silly and startContinue reading “Fancy Poote.. is not your ordinary Pig.”

Picture Book Project 2021

Gurdy & Marmy travel together.. Happy Wednesday ! Continuing with the development of my picture book, today I tried to experiment using several combinations of mix media. For this particular illustration, Gurdy & Marmy is seen together heading into the forest. I thought about creating a vivid texture for the trees. In order to createContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

The most horrible cat..

It is very tempting to tell you a story about the most cute kitten that is very adorable, or the best cat that always lick and kiss their human. Well, unfortunately, this is not a story about a perfect and beautiful cat. This is a story about Sean, the naughtiest, baddest, worst, disgusting, evil CATContinue reading “The most horrible cat..”

Picture Book Project 2021

Developing characters : Gurdy & Marmy’s turnaround sketch Continuing to develop my characters, today, I am working on turnaround sketches for Gurdy and Marmy. I tried to illustrate different poses and views. This will probably will be my character references when I am doing the story board. The project continues…