Magic Moo, the Magical Fairy Cow

Magic Moo is not an ordinary boring old cow that you could find in the field eating boring grass. Oh NO my dear .. Magic Moo is not just a cow but a Fairy Cow that has magical powers! She has magical wings that could allow her to fly across the fields where she canContinue reading “Magic Moo, the Magical Fairy Cow”

Picture Book Project 2021

Meet Marmy, Gurdy’s best friend! For this picture book project, I have also concluded on Gurdy’s best friend which is Marmy. This is the final draft of the character. Marmy is a Marmot who lives in the Alps mountain. Marmy is round, furry and fat.He loves eating and his favourite food is cakes, lots ofContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Hello ! My name is Gurdy Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce the main character of my story, Gurdy, a bear cub who is lonely and misses his friend. After several doodles and sketches, I have decided that this will be my final draft illustration for my main character of my story. Here,Continue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Character development – Gurdy the bear cub Hello everyone! It is Monday and very cold indeed. Today, I am continuing to develop Gurdy, a bear cub which is the main character for my story. Gurdy is a bear cub who lives in the Alps. He is cute, furry, friendly but also lonely. His greatest fearContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Sagittarius serpentarius

Happy Friday everyone. Hope that it has been a good week for you all. I happened to be reading about this unique and magnificent bird online and I find the Secretary Bird is most fascinating. This bird deserved to be given a character to a story in any children’s picture book. So I decided toContinue reading “Sagittarius serpentarius”

Picture book Project 2021

Developing my characters further. Hello again ! Yesterday I started to think about my character for the story which is a bear cub. Today, I tried to brainstorm with different kind of rough illustrations in order to develop and shape the character. I know that the setting of the story will be in the mountainContinue reading “Picture book Project 2021”

Picture Book Project 2021

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! One of the project that I am hoping to start this year is a picture book. I am hoping to write, illustrate and publish this book. The idea has always been in my mind for a long time and I decided that this will be a project that I will workContinue reading “Picture Book Project 2021”

Now who ordered the Salad ?

Guten Tag! It is another wet and cold day. Continuing with my next animal character, I decided to come up with a character for a horse. After a few brainstorming and doodles, here is my illustration for today. Meet Kelly. Kelly is a waitress at Nelly Farm Diner restaurant which serves Vegan meals to allContinue reading “Now who ordered the Salad ?”

Ms Fluer the Detective Poodle

Here is to the 1st of February ! I can’t believe how quick January has passed. Another dog character that I have in mind is the Poodle. For today’s post, I am illustrating a Poodle character. There are a lot of people who believe that this breed originated in Paris but contrary to many beliefs,Continue reading “Ms Fluer the Detective Poodle”

Online Story-Writing workshop

Happy Friday! Today, as part of the Fighting Words workshop, I got to illustrate a story created by such wonderful and creative kids from Scoil San Carlo, 4th Class. I really love the original characters of Pubert the toaster with his best friend Bert, the slice of bread as well as the Lightning Donkey. TheContinue reading “Online Story-Writing workshop”