Story Seeds project with Fighting Words

I am excited to be illustrating this year’s Story Seeds Project with Fighting Words. Story Seeds is a collection of stories created by primary school kids from different groups. Each group will be creating their own version of the story with various characters and the next group will continue the storyline. At the end ofContinue reading “Story Seeds project with Fighting Words”

The Curse of Julia Mama, another great story created in Fighting Words online story-writing workshop

The school term is back! I was excited yesterday to illustrate another story by another group of primary school children with Fighting. This story is about Angelica, a Shape-shifter in her quest to search for her powers. The story plot becomes interesting when she and her friend, Fillupa Flop, arrive at Julia Mama’s restaurant. NeitherContinue reading “The Curse of Julia Mama, another great story created in Fighting Words online story-writing workshop”

Community Outreach Programme with Fighting Words

Fighting Words actively reaching local communities and organisations in promoting creative writing. The result is very encouraging and inspiring indeed. There were innovative stories, plays and songs that was created through some of these workshops facilitated by Fighting Words. It has been such a pleasure to participate and illustrate their works. Read their stories onlineContinue reading “Community Outreach Programme with Fighting Words”

Daily Sketch 18/06/21

Sometimes, we need to go back to basic. Period ! Freeing your hand by tracing a drawing or a design is a very helpful excercise. It will help to strengthen your hand-eye coordination. I also find this activity very calming. I started this Sketchbook to Style Course by Christine Nishiyama and this is one ofContinue reading “Daily Sketch 18/06/21”

Fighting Words Online Story -Writing workshop

This is a story about a leaf. This is not any ordinary leaf but apparently, a leaf that is in a dilemma about eating other leaves. Unfortunately, for Leafy the Leaf, he finds it difficult not to eat his best friends (the other leaves). But Leafy is very hungry until one day a slice ofContinue reading “Fighting Words Online Story -Writing workshop”

Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop

Today,we have another brilliant story written by young authors 2nd Class St. Colmcille’s Junior National School. I’ve had the pleasure illustrating the characters in the story about the adventures of Joe, the pink Caterpillar with his unique friend,the ladybird with blue wings and black dots. With the help of his friend Bob the ladybird, willContinue reading “Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop”

Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop

Mr Sprinkle.. a bunny who defeats his fear of foxes by hopping and bouncing on them. Along side him is his side kick, Captain Dog who has a black belt in karate. These young authors from 2nd Class, St. Colmchille’s JNS, Knocklyon in Wicklow keep on giving us more and more. It is another wonderfulContinue reading “Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop”

Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop

If anyone could come up with a character such as The General Metal Chicken, it should be from some wonderful young authors from 2nd Class, St. Colmchille’s JNS Knocklyon. Today, was another fantastic session and it was so much fun illustrating the story that these kids came up with. I also love the General MetalContinue reading “Fighting Words Online Story-Writing Workshop”